Welcome to June and Lynn Lusty’s Website

This site is a collaboration between June and Lynn Lusty. We are sisters. We have been encouraged to be creative since we were girls. Here you will find unusual and unique things for you, your friends and family. This site is divided into two parts:
Leather, Bones, Clay is the storefront for June Lusty. Here you will find hand-tooled leather items including purses, wallets, belts, and moccasins. Clay items will also be found here as well as memory stones and urns.
Clay, Fiber, Beads is the storefront for Lynn Lusty. Once inside you will find unique hand-built clay pieces including bowls, vases, cup and tile sets, wind chimes, and candle boxes. Macramé and beads are combined with some of the pieces for that one-of-a-kind look. Slumped bottles are here also.
New items are added frequently, so visit us often!
We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.
I am June Lusty. I have been creating leather since the age of 12. During that time I also “discovered” clay. I am also is nature's recycler. During my walks in the woods I find bones, tortoise shells, and other items I uses to create my works.
I am Lynn Lusty. I have had my hands in clay for about 30 years. I specialize in the hand-built technique. This technique allows me to create vessels that are unusual as well as functional. I also work in fiber using Macramé and beads. I combine this with many of my clay pieces.
You can find our work at various shows in the Southern states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. Please check our show schedule for one near you.
Contact us for orders, questions, and shipping information. Most orders are custom-made and there is a waiting period of 6-8 weeks. All prices include shipping.
Orders for Leather, Bones, Clay can be made via email at leatherbones_clay@yahoo.com
Orders for Clay, Fiber, Beads can be made via email at clayfiberbeads@yahoo.com.
If you prefer using the phone for ordering, please call June at 615-794-4269, or Lynn at 615-847-1736.

June and Lynn Lusty’s website is the sole property of June and Lynn Lusty. All items are hand-made. Variations will occur.